About Us

At W.E.Consultants, we strive to deliver a professional Engineering Consultancy service for everyone.

No more dealings with large and difficult consultancy firms. Just simple, honest advice and maths!

We are friendly and professional Civil and Structural Engineers that bridge the gap between the complex Engineering world and everyday life. Never leaving you in a position of unknown and always on hand to help!

Health and Safety

Safety is at the heart of W.E.Consultants. Regardless of the scale of project, we will always provide a Safe and Sustainable design, whilst ensuring value for money for our clients.  

Our designs set out to alleviate hazards for contractors, whilst ensuring maintainability and operational safety.

The Future of Design Engineering

Conventional Design Engineering is outdated.

Its time for a fresh and modern outlook on how the world deals with Engineering Consultants. 

At W.E.Consultants, we aim to streamline the process between Planning and Design. Having our clients at the forefront of our work, being flexible to changes and adaptive to the services you require. 

We keep up to date with the latest innovations and technological advancements, and always look to promote within our designs. 

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